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Branding is often misconceived.

Having a strong visual identity, clean layouts, refined typography, a fluid colour scheme, and a killer logo is all well and good. But that is not what branding is.

Companies talk often of working on the brand. OWMC works with the brand. Your brand already exists. Working on your visual corporate identity is important, but it is not branding. But we can use design to align the identity of the company with the brand.

The more on brand the design, that is to say, the more the visual identity corresponds with the broader perceptions of your business, the more accurately we can meet the expectations of customers and stakeholders.

Which brings us to user experience (UX) design, a more globally important aspect of a company's brand. It is of course connected to your visual identity, but it is not exactly the logo, or the choice of paper stock for your letterheads etc, it is the experience a user has in using your products, services, your shop or website, and interacting with you in general. It is exactly how brands come into existence.

UX is something OWMC considers on any project, be it on the web or other media.

Such as print. Having worked for many years as a print designer, I have a strong understanding of the processes and utility of well-executed print work. While the online world is absolutely critical to business, offline opportunities, and physical marketing material, remain valuable.

Photo by André Robillard on Unsplash