Assess, Strategise, Plan

The discovery phase of the process is often the most under appreciated and can disproportionately affect success or failure. For this reason, it is a primary focus. A more in depth overview of this phase of the process is available here. Please get in touch for access.


  1. Terms of engagement.
  2. Define discovery costs and suggest a range for delivery based on assumptions.



  1. Why are we all here?
  2. Intro to the whole process
  3. Mistakes to avoid at inception
  4. Strategy definition

Brand Attributes

  1. Concepts to understand
  2. Brand Attributes Exercise
  3. Prioritise attributes
  4. Findings

User Definition

  1. Profiles
  2. Categorise

Business Goals

  1. List for each user
  2. Prioritise

Conclusion: The Brief

  1. Design and Development requirements (form and functions)
  2. Time frames and deadlines
  3. Fallbacks and scope creep


  1. Stylescapes
  2. Prioritise features according to business goals
  3. Site Maps & Wireframes
  4. Comps and proofs


  1. Information architecture
  2. APIs, plugins and dependencies
  3. Content Strategy
  4. Future-proofing and Security



wireframe-sketch startup-photos