Hurray! My first plugin made it onto the WP Plugin directory!

Comment Crusher is designed to bring peace of mind to WP site admins who don’t want to deal with comments.

Blogs tend to require comments, and as part of an eCommerce product review system, they may also be useful. So it may not be for you, but many websites don’t need a blog, let alone comments. Especially as WP is used increasingly as a full CMS these days.

This plugin is designed to be safe and minimal.

Simply switch this bad boy on and commenting will be deactivated. Further, any pre-existing comments on your site will be safe on your database, they don’t get deleted, but they do not appear on your site unless you decide to switch the plugin off.

You can read about the development of the plugin in my previous blog post here.

You can download it by searching the WP Plugin directory, or clicking here.

It’s also on GitHub here.

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