I will attempt to make sure your data is safe. But ultimately it may be nothing is safe on the internet!

I am Oliver Wieland, a sole trader using the trading name OWMC, and this privacy policy is for my website at https://owmc.co.uk. You can contact me from the contact page on this site.

I will not share or sell your data to anyone. My site does use cookies from 3rd parties who are governed by their own privacy policies. You can turn off cookies in your browser. Cookies are small script files that are stored by your browser when you visit the site.

The contact form on the site obviously collects whatever information you put in it when you submit it (email address, name and enquiry). This data is sent to my mail server. For anti-spam and security reasons, the form also records your IP address, browser and operating system. This information is protected.

I have no intentions of selling or sharing any data gathered and will do my best to keep you informed should such an unlikely situation present itself.

You may have noticed this site is SSL protected. This means any data you submit on this website is encrypted, and therefore a “man-in-the-middle” breach is less likely to compromise your communication. All data stored on my own computers and devices is also encrypted. I will keep this data on file for as long as I do business. However, you can request at any time for a copy of your data that I have, and you can ask me to delete it also.

I use Google Analytics on this site. Liability is with them for what they do with any information they gather. I believe it’s anonymous information anyway. Any other scripts on this site are purely aesthetic and harmless.

I will do my best to look after your data and I will not share it unless required to by law.

As you’ve read this far I’ll provide you some bonus information to highlight how fragile digital data security is, regardless of regulations. It’s all very well me taking steps to secure your data and communications with me from my end. But I cannot control your computer, your browsing habits, and whether your computer is infected with any viruses or such. Digital security, and “hacking” (sic) is a fascinating world.

Did someone discard a USB key on the floor in your office? Free USB key right? Think.

How about key loggers? Heard of them? How are encrypted communications tools going to protect against such things?

Stay vigilant.