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Private security services, UK

Visual Identity, Print, Web Strategy, and Web Build

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Alpha 1 needed to bring their corporate identity up to date, deliver a more intuitive web experience for prospective clients, and optimise for separate branch locations. This is a growing company, the website needed to provide the flexibility to efficiently manage the growth at low cost.

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OWMC Project: Alpha 1
OWMC Project: Alpha 1

Full Project Overview

The company having recently expanded to offer a more nation-wide service, with local branches, the website was also designed to standardise the companies offering and provide easy local discovery by the market. Each branch location has it's own page tied to a unique Google profiles and schema script.

In the discovery phase we identified 2 sales vectors (services vs sectors), in order to test which vector was more successful the site was made to be flexible enough to prioritise one or the other.

Website highlights:

• Fully responsive
• Optimised metadata for social media
• PHP modular development
• Staff recruitment module
• Advanced website security measures
• User-friendly administration

Along with the refreshed visual identity (an evolution of the original) and the new website, a wide range of marketing and business administration items were produced, from client books to event banners and much more.

Further, we produced a small set of Office Apps, separate from the website, empowering office staff to produce slick PDF sales proposals, staff profile sheets, and print ready business card files.

OWMC has worked with Alpha1 for many years, and the launch of the 3rd iteration of their website is just the latest in a line of milestones. Shortly after delivering the second iteration of Alpha1's website in 2013, in collaboration with Pow New Media, we successfully completed efforts to boost organic search engine optimisation of the site for the term "security services", ranking second only to MI5 in Google's UK results from 2014 onwards.

By 2017, Alpha1 had grown and needed it's corporate image to more accurately reflect the company's seriousness. OWMC worked to evolve the logo. The original logo, designed by Jackson (now of Format London), had a strong presence. We didn't want to lose this. But it's appearance became soft. So the edges were hardened, and the shape of the A finely adjusted to conjure the vision of a protective shield.

Alpha 1 image Alpha 1 image

"OWMC has continued to deliver valuable marketing solutions with a significant and measurable effect on sales."

Vicki Hearne - CEO