Mandrea Music Festival

Annual event, Italy

Visual Identity, Print, Web Strategy, Web Build, PR, and Advertising Campaign

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The festival needed to establish itself as a recognised brand in the sector, to cater to an international audience aligned with the style of music and ethos of the event.

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OWMC Project: Mandrea Music Festival
OWMC Project: Mandrea Music Festival

Full Project Overview

This project has undergone considerable annual evolution since 2013. Mandrea is a small international music festival taking place in a unique natural beauty spot in the Italian mountains overlooking Lake Garda. The visual identity of the event has been honed and the website has undergone considerable changes.

The project has involved PR and social media advertising, working with designers, artists, photographers and videographers, print advertising, and poster and flyer distribution.

OWMC has played an active roll in helping direct the marketing efforts and producing a large proportion of the marketing material.

Website highlights:

• Responsive design
• Content automation
• Metadata optimisation
• WooCommerce ticket sales
• User-friendly administration

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"OWMC has been instrumental in our marketing and web strategy. We are very proud of what we have accomplished together."

Eliseo Soardi - Founder